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पत्नी – देखो हमारी

पत्नी – देखो हमारी पड़ोसन हर Sunday,
अपने पति के साथ बहार घूमने जाती है ,
पर क्या आप कभी लेके गए ?

पति – मैने तो उससे 4-5 बार पूछा पर, वो मना कर देती है

😝😝 😂😂😝😝😝😝😝😝

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FunnyTube | 17-12-2018
एक रविवार ही है

एक रविवार ही है …
जो रिश्तों को संभालता है …
बाकी दिन तो,
किश्तों को संभालने में खर्च हो जाते है…।

ll Happy Sunday ll

Good Morning Quotes

FunnyTube | 08-11-2017
🌷 Throw your past

🌷 Throw your past in to the dustbin , Keep the present on working table And display your future On the notice board, That’s a great attitude..
Good Morning n’ enjoy Sunday 💐🌺🌹

Good Morning Quotes

FunnyTube | 01-07-2017
Sunday Morning has a

Sunday Morning has a Wings
of Love, Smile and a Complete
day of Entertainment and
a Festive of Mind..🎄🎉
Good Morning🎅

Good Morning Quotes

FunnyTube | 25-03-2017
“Relations Shouldn’t Speak The

“Relations Shouldn’t Speak The Language Of Money…..
Some Investments In Life Are Never Meant To Make Profit..
They Make US RICH..!”
Have a wonder🌻🌻 Sunday.

Good Morning Quotes

FunnyTube | 16-03-2017 View All Quotes/Jokes
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