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सुबह होते ही जब

सुबह होते ही जब दुनिया आबाद होती है,
आँख खुलते ही आपकी याद आती है,
खुशियों के फूल हो आपके आँचल में,
ये मेरे होंठों पे पहली फ़रियाद होती है।

You Are The Most

You Are The Most Beautiful Couple In The Land.
Hoping The Love You Shared
Several Years Ago Is Still Strong,
Bringing You Happiness And Joy
To Celebrate It Again On This Special Day.
Happy Anniversary.

You Have Given Me

You Have Given Me The Love
That Is Greater Than Anything In The World.
My Days Have Become Extremely Brilliant
Through Your Love,
Making Me Understand
You Are My Beloved Wife.
Wish You A Cheerful Marriage Anniversary.

It May Be Said

It May Be Said Many Times Before
But As Our Anniversaries Come And Go,
I Love You More.
Today Is Another Chance To Tell You
How Much Your Love And Care Is Treasured.
With All My Love On Our Anniversary.