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Just in case you

Just in case you dont have time to make the basket I showed yesterday, I have an another idea. No May stories today, just simple sweet May Baskets! Make Cupcakes. May Cupcake Baskets. Happy May Day

It’s very hard to

It’s very hard to understand in the beginning that

The whole idea is not to beat the other runners…

Eventually you learn that the competition

Is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit…

Good Morning.


✌🏻 “हर स्कूल में लिखा होता है , ”

🎐”असूल ” तोडना मना है …..!!

🎈हर बाग में लिखा होता है ,

🌹”फूल ” तोडना मना है ..!!

:idea:हर खेल मैं लिखा होता है ,

🎙”रूल ” तोडना मना है ..!!

⭕.काश ..!!

🕯.रिश्ते , परिवार , दोस्ती मैं

भी 🖍 लिखा होता की ..,

🖲”किसी का”

🕹” साथ ” छोङना मना है ..!