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આજની વાસ્તવિક્તા

આજની વાસ્તવિક્તા

પત્ની અને બાળકો ઓનલાઇન
ઓર્ડર થી સામાન ખરીદે છે.

ત્યાં પતિ દુકાનમાં અગરબત્તી
કરી બોણીની રાહ જોઈને
બેઠો છે... 🤯🤔

Motivational Quotes

FunnyTube | 16-12-2019
Jindagi behaal hai, Sur hai

Jindagi behaal hai,
Sur hai naa taal hai,
Msgbox bhi kangal hai,
kya aapki sms factory me hadtal hai,
yaar kuch to bhejo ye meri,
mobile ki zindagi ka sawaal hai…


FunnyTube | 09-11-2018
Never stop doing our

Never stop doing our *best* just because someone dosen’t *understand* it…

We need to do our best for our *satisfaction* not for others *application..*

*Good Morning*

Good Morning Quotes

FunnyTube | 18-05-2018
महिलाओं द्वारा मेकअप धोने

महिलाओं द्वारा मेकअप धोने से पहले
उनकी अंतरात्मा उन्हें एक बार ज़रूर पूछती है:

Are you sure you want to
restore default factory settings?” 😂😜😜😂

Funny Jokes

FunnyTube | 29-01-2017
Working for success will

Working for success will make you a Master,

But Working for satisfaction will make you a Legend.


Good Morning Quotes

FunnyTube | 15-05-2016 View All Quotes/Jokes
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