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How to Simple self-check coronavirus

AS RECEIVED: The new NCP coronavirus may not show sign of infection for many days, how can one know if he/she is infected. By the time they have fever and/or cough and goes to the hospital, the lungs is usually 50 % Fibrosis and it's too late!

Taiwan experts provide a simple self-check that we can do every morning:

Take a deep breath and hold your breath for more than 10 seconds. If you complete it successfully without coughing, without discomfort, stuffiness or tightness etc it proves there is no fibrosis in the lungs, basically indicating no infection.

In critical times, please self-check every morning in an environment with clean air!

SERIOUS EXCELLENT ADVICE by Japanese doctors treating COVID-19 cases. Everyone should ensure your mouth & throat is moist, never DRY. Take a few sips of water every 15 mins at least. WHY? Even if the virus gets into your mouth...drinking water or other liquids will WASH them down through your oesophagus and into the stomach. Once there in tummy...your stomach ACID will kill all the virus. If you don't drink enough water more regularly...the virus can enter your windpipes and into the LUNGS. That's very dangerous.
Pls send and share with family, friends and everyone about this ! Take care everyone n may the world recovers from corona virus soon. May all be well n happy 🙏

पठानकोट विशेष: जब वो युद्ध

पठानकोट विशेष:

जब वो युद्ध में घायल हो जाता है तो अपने साथी से बोलता है :

“साथी घर जाकर मत कहना, संकेतो में बतला देना;
यदि हाल मेरी माता पूछे तो, जलता दीप बुझा देना!
इतने पर भी न समझे तो, दो आंसू तुम छलका देना!!”

“साथी घर जाकर मत कहना, संकेतो में बतला देना;
यदि हाल मेरी बहना पूछे तो, सूनी कलाई दिखला देना!
इतने पर भी न समझे तो, राखी तोड़ देखा देना !!”

“साथी घर जाकर मत कहना, संकेतो में बतला देना;
यदि हाल मेरी पत्नी पूछे तो, मस्तक तुम झुका लेना!
इतने पर भी न समझे तो, मांग का सिन्दूर मिटा देना!!”

“साथी घर जाकर मत कहना, संकेतो में बतला देना;
यदि हाल मेरे पापा पूछे तो, हाथो को सहला देना!
इतने पर भी न समझे तो, लाठी तोड़ दिखा देना!!”

“साथी घर जाकर मत कहना, संकेतो में बतला देना;
यदि हाल मेरा बेटा पूछे तो, सर उसका तुम सहला देना!
इतने पर भी ना समझे तो, सीने से उसको लगा लेना!!”

“साथी घर जाकर मत कहना, संकेतो में बतला देना;
यदि हाल मेरा भाई पूछे तो, खाली राह दिखा देना!
इतने पर भी ना समझे तो, सैनिक धर्म बता देना!!”

Dedicated to all soldiers….


😊 How to keep

😊 How to keep wife happy . . . .!

It’s really not difficult to make a wife happy.

A husband only needs to be:

1. a friend
2. a companion
3. a lover
4. a brother
5. a father
6. a man
7. a chef
8. an electrician
9. a carpenter
10. a plumber
11. a mechanic
12. a decorator
13. a stylist
14. a charmer
15. a gynecologist
16. a psychologist
17. a bug exterminator
18. a psychiatrist
19. a healer
20. a good listener
21. an organizer
22. a good father
23. Very clean
24. Sympathetic
25. Athletic
26. Warm
27. Attentive
28. Gallant
29. Intelligent
30. Funny
31. Creative
32. Tender
33. Strong
34. Understanding
35. Tolerant
36. Prudent
37. Ambitious
38. Capable
39. Courageous
40. Determined
41. True
42. Dependable
43. Passionate
44. Compassionate


45. Give her compliments frequently
46. Love shopping
47. Be honest
48. Be very rich
49. Never stress her
50. Never look at other women!


51. Give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself
52. Give her lots of time, especially time for herself
53. Give her lots of space


54. Never to forget:

* birthdays
* anniversaries
* her favorite color
* her favorite flower
* her favorite gem
* her favorite fragrance
* her favorite memories
* her favorite holidays
* her favorite friends
* her favorite vacation destinations
* her favorite beverage
* her favorite food
* her favorite restaurant
* any arrangements she makes
And Now,


Just leave him alone…..with his TV remote and mobile phone…and his favourite drink…..And he’ll be just fine… 😳😀😃😝😜

Dedicated to all …..married people. 😄 😜 😜

*एक दोस्त अपने दोस्त

*एक दोस्त अपने दोस्त के शव को देख कर मुस्कुराया ।* 😊 😊
*तो एक बुजुर्ग ने कहा कि बेटा जवान मौत पर मुस्कुराते नहीं ।*😊😊
*लड़के ने आँख साफ करते हुये बोला*😥😥
*बाबा क्या बताऊ दिल तो खून के आंसू रो रहा है* 😥😥😥😥
*लेकिन दोस्त से वादा किया था जब भी मिलेंगे* ….हँसते हुए मिलेंगे…. 😊😊😊😊😊😊 *मै जब मर जाऊ तो हसते हुये आना यारों क्यों की उस वक्त मेरे हाथ तुम्हारे आंसू नहीं पोंछ सकेंगे* 😊😊😊😊

*Dedicate to all my friends*

Chanakya writes “If you want

Chanakya writes
“If you want to be
Happy with your husband,
Love him Less &
Understand him more !
If you want to be
Happy with your wife,
Love her More &
NEVER try to Understand her !”

*Dedicated to All married couple*😎

चाल भेगा थयीऐ, बधी चिंता

चाल भेगा थयीऐ,
बधी चिंता बाजु ऐ मुक,

चहेरो रुबरू जोइये,
Facebook बाजु ए मुक,

मन थि like करिऐ,
अन्गुठो बाजू ए मुक,

पाथरी छे मस्त चट्टाई,
Status बाजु ए मुक,

Friend तो तु पहेले थी ज छे,
request बाजू ऐ मुक,

सुख दुख download करिऐ,
application बाजू ऐ मुक,

दिल थि जोडायेला छे दिल ना तार,
आ “नेट-फेट” बाजू ऐ मुक,

आ सिज़न नी काची केरी ओ bite करीऐ
आ megabite बाजु ऐ मुक,

औटोरिचार्ज थाय छे सम्बन्धो,
आ charger बाजू ए मुक,

दिल खोलवा मित्रो जोइ ऐ,
आ password बाजू ऐ मुक,

चाल भेगा थयिऐ,
बधी चिंता बाजू ऐ मुक….

Life is a Fingerprint

Life is a Fingerprint that
can not be duplicated.
So make the Best impression
with it.
Live it. Love it.
Don’t waste a single
moment in your life,
Because Time has no holiday.
Dreams have no expiry date.
And Life has no pause button…..

🌹 Good Morning 🌹



1. Politicians *Divide* us, Terrorists *Unite* us.

2. Everyone is in hurry , but *no one* reaches in time.

3. Priyanka Chopra earned more money playing *Mary Kom*, than the Mary Kom earned in her entire career.

4. Its dangerous to talk to a *strangers,* but it is perfectly ok to marry one.

5. Most people who fight over *Gita and Quran*, have probably never read any of them.

6. We rather spend more on our daughter’s *wedding* than on her *education*

7. The *shoes* that we wear are sold in air conditioned show rooms, the *vegetables* that we eat are sold on the footpaths.

8. *Most* of the guys who have been ignored by Girls in young age, possesses actually the nicest and better husband material.

9. We live in a country where seeing a *policeman* makes us nervous rather than feeling safe.

10. In IAS exam, a person writes a brilliant 1500 words essay about how Dowry is a social evil and *cracks the exam* by impressing everyone.
One year later same person demands a dowry in crores, because he is an IAS officer.

11. Indians are very *shy* and still are 133 Crores.

12. Indians are obsessed with screen guards on their smartphones even though most come with scratch proof Gorilla Glass but never bother wearing a *helmet* while riding bikes.

13. It is shallow to ask for *dowry* but prospective bride grooms should make six or seven figured salaries and *preferably* *settled* in USA.

14. *A porn-star* is accepted in society as a celebrity, but *a rape victim* is not even accepted as a normal human being.

*Best ever lines :*
Try to understand people before trusting them … *Because* we are living in such a world, where artificial lemon flavor is used for *”WELCOME DRINK”* and real lemon is used in *”FINGER BOWL”*😊…!!
And we never feel ashamed of our above said bad habits, rather shout on roof tops claiming greatness of indian culture.